The CountrySide Café

Countryside Café, the café and bar in Singapore was started in October 2006 by a bunch of people who had the passion and desire to start a food and beverage unit to cater both Singaporeans and foreigners alike. We felt that a café and bar at a countryside setting would have the right mix and match with the rustic but original ‘Little India”. We carefully selected the décor to suit our concept and in this regard our founder member Sony had a great role to play. More than a business enterprise which has the profit motive as the sole objective, we set up the business as a passion to serve the people where we can meet and network with people from all over the world who come from all walks of life. Our customer diversity is portrayed in our walls that carry currencies from the countries our customers belong to and the photo gallery symbolizes the universal message of unity in diversity.

We carefully chose our tagging line – “Unwind, Indulge and Recharge” and truly work our way through to ensure maintaining that spirit always.

Today, we are a recognized outlet in Singapore that boasts an ambitious menu with variety of light refreshments and main course that represents Continental, Indian, Chinese, Local and Malay food together with a selection of beverages both hot and cold alike. We have six breakfast items, over 20 light refreshments, almost double of that number in main course. We serve different kinds of Coffee, Tea, Fresh fruit juices and soft drinks. We also serve more than 6o different beers from all over the world, a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails and hot beverages like Whisky, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Campari, Martini, Tequila, Sambuca and Jaggermiefter.

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The CountrySide cafe